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Save time. Count more.


Automatic cell counting: unleash the power of AI

Introducing the most advanced AI technology specialised in the quantification of cells in bioimaging. It decreases the time to count cells from +45 mins per slide to -5 mins. The results are more accurate and reliable than ever.


Boost your assays. Save time. Quantify more.

We have developed cost-and time effective products to boost your lab productivity:

  1. Upload your image through our user-friendly platform
  2. Quantify cells; e.g WatCochlea & Wat Live & Dead

Counting will be faster and more powerful.


Optimize your lab workflow

Our solutions optimize the global workflow with your colleagues, clients, providers and your multicenter research. The keen Eye Flow ensures fluidity, security, full traceability and interaction in the exchange of information.


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Bring quality and agility together

In addition to data encryption, security access and audit trail function, we operate a comprehensive regulation and standard compliance program: GMP, GLP, ISO & IEC Standards, 21 CFR part 11. 


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  • Browser-based application
  • Cells quantification
  • Multi-users access environment
  • Generate reports
  • Collaborative
  • Notification system
  • High-throughput Workflow management
  • Custom workflow & reports
  • Traceability & Activity tracking
  • User management
  • Simple & intuitive
  • Flexible, secure
  • Fast Quality Control


Our consultants and engineers will assess your specific needs and help you to implement our products

What can we do for you?

End-to-end personalized integration

Full training with our consultants

Cloud-based application or on premise

Consultancy services to optimize your workflow

Online & hotline technical support

Image & data storage

Server deployed and reachable near users

Entreprise service to custom our tools for your specific needs

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